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FAQ - Rental Properties

What are the benefits to an owner employing a professional property manager?

You will receive the following benefits when you employ a professional property manager:

  • Knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act:
    The managing agent is aware of the implications of the Residential Tenancies Act and therefore can advise owners and tenants of their rights and obligations.
  • Rent Appraisals:
    A real estate agent (preferably local) knows the supply and demand in a given area and is therefore aware of the comparative rental of homes.
  • Rent Reviews:
    The managing agent monitors the rent and keeps the owner informed of market change.
  • Access to Tenants:
    A managing agent often has a ready supply of tenants. The agent has the means to check references and credit ratings. This enables more effective screening of tenants.
  • Inspections:
    The property manager is trained to report in detail on the condition of a home and has the expertise and experience to maintain the home at a satisfactory standard.
  • Location:
    The owner may be separated geographically from the property, eg transferred overseas or interstate.
  • Accounting:
    A professional property manager supplies accounts and details of all income and expenditure relating to a client's property.
  • Taxation Benefits:
    Properties purchased for investment purposes can attract significant taxation benefits. Property management fees are tax deductible.
  • Disputes:
    The managing agent through dealing with tenants on a daily basis has gained the experience to resolve disputes.
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