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Member portal

Member Profile

Welcome to your REINT Member Profile.  

You will see two profiles, a “Me” person profile (this is for employees) and an “My Organisation” profile (this is for the Agency).

Only members who have Administration Access to the Organisation (Agency) Profile can view the Membership Invoices (Member Account).  All Principals, by default, will have this access.  If you would like to assign account access to another team member in charge or membership Payments please request access below. 


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PD & events

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PERSON PROFILE (employees of the Agency)

This is where  Agents and Support staff can edit their personal profile page, you can add a profile picture and update your contact information.  Changes made here will be seen on your public facing profile in the “FIND A MEMBER” search directory.  

My Organisation

AGENCY PROFILE (Administrators of the Profile)

Principals and Administrators of the Agency Profile can update their organisations logo, information, website and social page URL’s, contact and employees here.  The more details you put in the more attractive your profile will look to the public. 

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