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REI’s across Australia recognise the sterling efforts that Residential and Commercial Property Managers continue to put in year after year. As we all know the challenges are never-ending. Our Property Managers have never been under so much pressure as in recent years, with ongoing skills shortages and this year’s rental crisis seeing things worsening before it gets better.


In an initiative driven by REINSW, join us (REINT) and the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) in showing your support and appreciation to all of our outstanding Property Managers and acknowledging how much help and support they have given to both their landlords and tenants.


Let’s celebrate together on Friday 21 July 2023 (Nationally).


How to Celebrate

  1. Showcase your star property managers;
  2. Share their accomplishments on your social channels using #nationalpropertymanagersday AND share them with REINSW and REINT for extra exposure; and

Organise a celebration of your own.

For more information click here

To nominate yourself or a fellow PM click here

Everything will be shared Nationally

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