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Jobs Board for Members on REINT Website

NEW Job Vacancies Page


We have launched a NEW feature for Members on the REINT website to assist you with recruitment.


Now you can SUBMIT A JOB LISTING through the Member Portal.  Members of the public who visit our website will be able to click the JOBS tab and see your Job opening.  We want to help you reach a new audience and take advantage of the daily traffic we receive on the website.

To post a Vacancy there are a few simple steps you can take.

  1. Head to the Member Portal on our website (www.reint.com.au – click the MEMBER LOG IN Button)
  2. Click the “Submit Job Listing” button,
  3. Complete the form and SUBMIT!  It’s really simple.

I will create the post on the website and email you when the post is live.  All applications are emailed directly to you, so make sure you include instructions on “How to Apply” with an email address.

I have created a video walkthrough to demonstrate how this will work.

Click here to view the demo 

If you need any assistance please contact Sila: pd@reint.com.au.

We hope this new member feature will be a useful tool when looking for new staff!!

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