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Raising the Profile of the Property Management Profession

As the peak body that represents the interests of the real estate industry in the Northern Territory, the Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory (REINT) recognizes the importance of raising the profile of the property management profession. Through a well-designed advertising campaign, REINT aims to build trust, create awareness, and promote career opportunities in property management.


Here are some benefits of creating the Raising the Profile campaign:

Increased Visibility:

Resulting in the public understanding of the profile of a Property Manager and the Contribution to a business relationship. This increased visibility will also benefit property managers themselves, as it will help them be seen and valued among other real estate professionals.

Improved Reputation:

A well-executed advertising campaign can improve the reputation of the property management industry and its professionals. By highlighting the benefits of professional property management and showcasing the expertise of property managers, the campaign can create a positive perception of the industry, which can help build trust with the public, landlords, and tenants.

Easier Recruitment and higher retention:

By promoting career opportunities in property management, the campaign can help attract new talent to the industry and improve the retention rates of current employees. This can help address the current shortage of skilled property managers and ensure the sustainability of the industry in the long term.

Industry Collaboration:

By involving REINT members and other real estate professionals in the campaign, REINT can foster greater collaboration within the industry. This can lead to improved communication, knowledge sharing, and better outcomes for clients.

Given the potential benefits of this campaign, members are strongly advised to contribute ideas and views by joining the PM’s Perspective Meeting. This will help us to shape the concept and messaging, thus directly benefiting the Property Manager and the Principal in the conduct of business.

The meeting will be held in the REINT Training Room on Tuesday 9 May at 8am with ZOOM available.


Please see the below Agenda:

RAISING THE PROFILE – the PM’s Perspective

Stage 1: Develop an Industry Informed Advertising Campaign to raise the professional profile of Property Managers in the NT

  • Improve perspective for the public, landlords and tenants
  • Increase recruitment to the industry

We would love to brainstorm the following as part of Stage 1 of this project.  Please feel free to bring a team member.

  1. Determine the advertising goals: What are the specific objectives of the advertising campaign?
  2. Define the target audience: What are their needs, interests, and pain points?
  3. Identify the unique value proposition of property managers: What are the benefits of hiring a property manager in the Northern Territory? How do they help property owners and tenants?
  4. Industry Advice and Insights of the Market: What is the current state of the property management market in the Northern Territory and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Develop the message: What is the key message that we should communicate? What are the key selling points that will resonate with the target audience?
To attend email Sila: pd@reint.com.au

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