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REINT Chapter Committee – Have your Say!

As a member of the REINT, you’ll be pleased to know that we are taking steps to empower our members to have a greater say in the direction of the industry.

REINT is forming chapter committees this year comprising members representing their regions and professions. These committees will advise the REINT on issues directly impacting their roles, to create member-led solutions that are industry-informed and actionable.

This is an exciting initiative that allows members to have a direct impact on the issues affecting their day-to-day work. By participating in these committees, you can help shape the future of the real estate industry in the Northern Territory.

If you’re interested in getting involved, here’s what you need to know:

  • Find out which chapter committee you can join. The REINT will be forming committees for each region and profession. Find out which committee you can join and make sure it’s relevant to your work.
  • Attend the meetings. The committees will be meeting throughout the year to discuss the issues affecting their respective regions and professions. Attend the meetings and participate in the discussions.
  • Share your ideas. The committees are looking for member-led solutions. Share your ideas and be proactive in coming up with practical and effective recommendations.
  • Collaborate with other members. The committees are an opportunity to network and collaborate with other members in your region or profession. You may be surprised by the insights and perspectives that others can offer.
  • Stay informed. Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news and developments. This will help you make more informed contributions to the committee discussions.


The formation of chapter committees by REINT is a positive step towards building a more engaged and responsive real estate industry in the Northern Territory. By participating in these committees, you can help shape the future of the industry and make a positive impact on your profession. So, get involved and make your voice heard!

We have already tested the waters this year with some informal meetings made up of Darwin region Principals and property managers, initially with a focus on independent agencies.

These initial meetings were fundamental in spearheading some major projects and changes we’ve started to develop this year.

Our next meeting will be on RAISING THE PROFILE read more about the agenda here.  This will be a brainstorming session that will be open to all members with a focus on Property Management.  Zoom will be available, and we invite all regions to participate.

If you would like to get involved, RSVP by emailing Sila: pd@reint.com.au

If you would like to read the minutes of our meeting so far download them below:

10.02.2023  |  Informal PM Meeting

14.03.2023  |  PM Meeting – Training and Recruitment


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