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Work in real estate? Welcome home.


Established in 1975, REI Super is the only super fund built by, and for real estate professionals. In fact, REI Super is one of the oldest industry super funds in Australia, with over 45 years of delivering strong results for our members.


Move to where more real estate professionals live

As a specialised fund dedicated to delivering a better retirement for real estate professionals, we understand you and your industry better than any other fund. No more trying to explain what you do to someone on the other end of a phone. We ‘get’ you.

And with over 27,000 members and approximately $2B in funds under management, REI Super is small enough to offer genuine, personalised service, yet big enough to provide the security and peace of mind of having your super invested with one of the most established funds.


A history of strong performance

For 48 years, REI Super has only delivered profits to members, not shareholders. Our track record of delivering returns which exceed benchmarks, combined with competitive fees, means more money goes into building your super. Which is exactly where you need it after a hard-working career – allocated towards providing you with a comfortable life beyond work.

Plus, REI Super combines professional investment management with a choice of investment options. This ensures you can invest your super at a level of risk you’re comfortable with, and change it as your stage of life evolves.


An important option for SMSF holders

In real estate, it’s important to remember the importance of diversifying your wealth strategy beyond property. Many members with SMSF’s rely on REI Super as their easy access to investing in the financial markets via our various investment options, while taking advantage of the insurance options available. And, if you ever find that managing an SMSF becomes too hard or expensive, REI Super helps simplify the process of transferring to your industry fund.


Tailored Insurance and tax effective pension options

People often forget that they can get access to cost-effective personal insurance options through their super. Given that REI Super is specially designed for real estate professionals, we have tailored our insurance options to your needs – for example, we allow for commissions.

And as you get closer to retirement, REI Super has a number of great pension options that provide both a tax-effective transition to retirement (TTR Pensions), as well as allocated pension options for when the time comes to fully retire.

So maybe it’s time to move your super to the same place that over 27,000 people, just like you, already have?

To join, or for more information, please contact our friendly team.

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Phone: 1300 13 44 33
Email: Send our team an online enquiry at reisuper.com.au/contact
Web: reisuper.com.au



Disclaimer: The information contained in this article has been provided by REI Super and does not constitute financial product advice. However, to the extent that the information may be considered to be general financial product advice, REI Super advises that REI Super has not considered any individual person’s objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Individuals need to consider whether the advice is appropriate in light of their goals, objectives and current situation. Members should obtain and read REI Super’s Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination before making any decisions. REI Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd ABN 68 056 044 770 AFSL 240569. RSE L 0000314 REI Super ABN 76 641 658 449 RSE R1000412 MySuper unique identifier 76641658449129. April 2023.

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